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I'm currently extracting some information from the ROS network by the use of the FastDDS Statistic module ( https://fast-dds.docs.eprosima.com/en/latest/fastdds/statistics/statistics.html ). However I'm not able to extract/retrieve the node names as defined in the ROS network. The nodes are only visible as DDS entities whereby I can manually extrapolate the name by seeing the associated topics, however I would like for this to happen automatically.

This is the information I'm able to extract:


The name is always listed as "/". Is there a way to map this information?

Kind regards!

Originally posted by Gintecc on ROS Answers with karma: 23 on 2021-12-22

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ROS nodes do not have a direct parallel in DDS. DDS deals only with topics, it has no externally-visible awareness of the entities that are publishing or subscribing to those topics. Internally, DDS has a concept of participants, which are objects that publish and subscribe to topics, but there is no equivalence relationship between a DDS participant and a ROS node any more (it used to be a 1-to-1 mapping, but now there is only one DDS participant per process and it is possible to have multiple nodes in a single process).

Originally posted by Geoff with karma: 4203 on 2021-12-22

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