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I am unable to run more than 2 nodes in windows10.

The moment I launch more than 2 nodes. The vs developer command prompt freezes.

Steps I followed:

  1. Open visual studio developer command prompt.
  2. source ros_foxy with command "call ros2_foxy/local_setup.bash"
  3. build my workspace "my_workspace" with command "colcon build"
  4. After successful build, i source the workspace "install/local_setup.bash"
  5. Finally, i launch all the node(5nodes) using launch file "ros2 launch mypackage mypackage.py"

expected behavior : All nodes should have been launch.

actual behavior: Only two nodes are launched.

Few more inputs: I am using ros2 inside a windows vm. 8GB RAM, 110GB C:, 4cores. Once two nodes are launched(out of 5nodes) i am unable to run any other ros2 related programs like rqt, ros bag record/play. But interestingly i can run all apps via commandline other than ros2 related.

I did check the CPU load and memory usage it was well under 60% of utilization.

My development setup

  1. Visual studio : 2019
  2. Python : 3.8.3
  3. Windows: 10
  4. ROS2_Foxy: Patch 6.1
  5. C++ 11

Any hints or suggestions highly appreciated.


Originally posted by TinyTurtle on ROS Answers with karma: 25 on 2021-10-25

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Original comments

Comment by gvdhoorn on 2021-10-25:
Unless you're running nodes as background processes, not being able to use the terminal after starting a node seems like expected behaviour (as in: it's just a program running, which is blocking).

I believe it would help (others) if you could describe exactly how you are starting things, and what you expected to happen (if something else happened).

Comment by TinyTurtle on 2021-10-25:
Even if I run 5 separate instances of vs developer command prompt with each running different nodes. Still I can only run two nodes.

Comment by alberto on 2022-06-20:
Hi! I guess I have the exact same problem, in fact I created this post. Did you manage to solve it? If not, are you using dynamic array allocation? Are you sending dynamic array via topic (like an image)? Do you think it is a ros problem or is your code causing it?


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Try to change your RMW implementation to rmw_cyclonedds_cpp as said here. For me, this did the trick.

Originally posted by alberto with karma: 100 on 2022-06-23

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