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Servo.. What are the signs that a servo might be broken?

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Servo.. broken?

I just got a kit and im not sure if its me or not but it appears one of the continuous servos might be broken. What happened first when I plugged it into the microcontroller, it made a humming sound when I sent it commands. The second continuous servo didnt work at all

I played around with different ports on the aurdino based board, and to no avail, just a hum. Then I removed the humming servo altogether and just placed the second servo alone. the second continuous servo started to move in whatever direction I asked it to.

I plugged the first one in, only the second moved.

then I tried spinning them by hand, the second has much resistance, while the first one has dramatically less resistance, maybe 60% easier to spin by hand.

Is this something I can fix? Has anyone experienced these problems before?

Thanks in advance, you guys are great!