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Jul 13 '17 at 3:42 comment added st2000 Looks like your question was migrated because it was not specifically a question about Arduinos. So, if the people in stackexchange Robotics are ok w/it, then you can leave it along. Just remember, the best questions are clearly stated and on subject with respect to the group. Both questions and answers can be edited in an effort to converge on the best solution. The ultimate goal is to have a search-able data base of well defined questions and informative answers.
Jul 13 '17 at 1:51 comment added Cheng Jeiry ya I'm interesting on it. But I don't know what is that mean(do edit your question to get it off "hold"). I'm new on stackoverflow.com. could you tell me how to do it? please.
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Jul 12 '17 at 15:40 comment added st2000 That sounds very complex. Might have to use OpenCV or similar software to decode the patten on the ceiling. Hows about something extremely simple. If you like it, follow up with a comment and I can elaborate (BTW, do edit your question to get it off "hold".) Hows about simply putting pattens on the floor. Start with a simple line. And follow any tutorial regarding line following robots.
Jul 12 '17 at 14:05 comment added Matt I saw something about these a few years ago. The base station projected an infrared grid on the ceiling of the room, the robot had a camera mounted to the top which looked at the IR map. Using the map for guidance, it was able to find its way back to the base station.
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