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Top new questions this week:

Bevel Gear Compatibility

ServoCity sells a great little 2:1 bevel gear ratio set: I have it currently set up in my project and was thinking a 1:1 ...

asked by PatchB 2 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Why do I need a Kalman filter?

I am designing an unmanned aerial vehicle, which will include several types of sensors: 3-axis accelerometer 3-axis gyroscope 3-axis magnetometer horizon sensor GPS downward facing ultrasound. ...

kalman-filter uav  
asked by Rocketmagnet 63 votes
answered by David Cary 54 votes

How to check for a sharp angle with a line follower?

I have the mBot robot and I want to program it to follow the line. So far it can pass any kind of line that is >90°. I want it to be able to pass 90°-ish angles as well. Like this one: The problem ...

arduino motor line-following  
asked by Ciprum 6 votes
answered by Bending Unit 22 3 votes

Computing the Jacobian matrix for Inverse Kinematics

When computing the Jacobian matrix for solving an Inverse Kinematic analytically, I read from many places that I could use this formula to create each of the columns of a joint in the Jacobian matrix: ...

inverse-kinematics kinematics  
asked by xenon 19 votes
answered by Daniel Eberts 11 votes

What is inverse depth (in odometry) and why would I use it?

Reading some papers about visual odometry, many use inverse depth. Is it only the mathematical inverse of the depth (meaning 1/d) or does it represent something else. And what are the advantages of ...

slam computer-vision odometry  
asked by Mehdi 14 votes
answered by holmeski 12 votes

How to detect when a stepper motor has stalled?

How can I detect when a stepper motor has stalled? A google search led me to some people who say that when the stepper motor stalls, the current spikes up, which is easily detectable with a Hall ...

stepper-motor stepper-driver force-sensor  
asked by David Cary 12 votes
answered by Max Witter 4 votes

How to choose the right propeller/motor combination for a quadcopter?

There are many sites which explain briefly this problem and even propose combinations. I however would like a much more detailed explanation. What is going to give my quad the most agility? Do I need ...

asked by klonq 42 votes
answered by user65 31 votes

Quadcopter liPo battery weight/capacity trade off

I'm trying to find where additional battery capacity becomes worthless in relation to the added weight in terms of a quadcopter. Currently with a 5500 mAh battery, 11.1V, I can get between 12 minutes ...

battery quadcopter power  
asked by Chris 34 votes
answered by embedded.kyle 40 votes
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