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Top new questions this week:

IR Sensor to detect fast moving object

I have a somewhat specific need for a project I'm building: I am trying to create a sensor grid of 1.5m height by 2m wide that has to be able to detect objects, ~10cm in diameter, in potentially ...

arduino sensors ultrasonic-sensors  
asked by David Torrey 1 vote
answered by Chuck 1 vote

How to calculate Inertia tensor?

I'm trying to obtain dynamics of a 4 DOF robot. Firstly, I calculated all Transformation matrices and Jacobians. While solving Lagrangian there is a term I - Inertia tensor . I couldn't understand the ...

robotic-arm kinematics dynamics  
asked by RAKESH KUMAR K 1 vote
answered by 50k4 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Need help calculating the thrust on quadcopter motors

I'm trying to calculate the lifting capability of my four quadcopter motors. I tried using eCalc but it doesn't have battery I'm using. Are there any equations to keep in mind for doing these ...

asked by user2200321 5 votes
answered by Ian 8 votes

Preventing leaks in motor shafts for underwater bots

Whenever building an aquatic bot, we always have to take care to prevent leakages, for obvious reasons. Now, holes for wires can be made watertight easily--but what about motors? We can easily seal ...

motor underwater auv protection  
asked by Manishearth 38 votes
answered by Rocketmagnet 22 votes

Maximum Distance using Ultrasonic sensor Arduino

What is the maximum distance (of say , a car ) you could measure using an ultrasonic sensor that would be compatible with arduino? Is there any sensor(ultrasonic or not) that could measure the ...

arduino ultrasonic-sensors  
asked by Ahmed A.M 1 vote
answered by kaliatech 3 votes

How to choose the right propeller/motor combination for a quadcopter?

There are many sites which explain briefly this problem and even propose combinations. I however would like a much more detailed explanation. What is going to give my quad the most agility? Do I need ...

asked by klonq 42 votes
answered by user65 31 votes

How to calculate quadcopter lift capabilities?

I'm looking for an equation (or set of equations) that would allow me to predict (with fair accuracy) how heavy a payload a quadcopter is capable of lifting. I assume the main variables would be the ...

asked by smeeb 7 votes
answered by TobiasK 7 votes

How to use Arduino for ESC control?

I am using an Arduino Uno to control an ESC for my (in progress) quadrocopter. I am currently using the servo library to control the ESC, which works great. Except.. A count of 100 is max speed, ...

arduino control quadcopter esc servomotor  
asked by Toozinger 9 votes
answered by David Cary 5 votes

What's the difference between a sonar and ultrasonic sensor?

After having read the introductions of the Wikipedia articles about "sonar" and "ultrasonic sensor", it is still not clear to me what the differences between the two are. In the context of robotics, ...

sensors ultrasonic-sensors sonar  
asked by nbro 1 vote
answered by NomadMaker 2 votes
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