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Top new questions this week:

Getting A Head Start With iRobot Create3 (ROS2)

With the announcement of the iRobot Create3 "with ROS2 support", and to get a head start playing with it, iRobot has some create3 GitHub repos:

irobot-create ros2  
asked by Alan McDonley 4 votes
answered by Alan McDonley 4 votes

How useful is DRAKE toolbox

How useful would it be to learn and interact with DRAKE toolbox that is open source? Are there better toolboxes out there when compared with the DRAKE toolbox? I am a student interested in robotics ...

robotics-toolbox robotics-system-toolbox  
asked by Hari 1 vote

Confusion about Gimbal lock

I am trying to understand exactly what is happening when Gimbal lock occurs. I have read many explanations now which provide the high-level idea, in that Gimbal lock occurs when two axes are aligned ...

kinematics rotation  
asked by John Rowlay 1 vote
answered by Chanoh Park 0 votes

How to calculate holding and operating torque at the base?

Could anyone please help me with the formula to calculate the operating torque and holding torque at the base to rotate the structure on top of it as shown in image with white arrows? Thank you in ...

robotic-arm motor manipulator torque  
asked by Wreck 1 vote
answered by r-bryan 0 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Position Control vs Velocity Control vs Torque Control

Please can somebody explain to me the difference between Position Control, Velocity Control, and Torque Control? Specifically, I am thinking in terms of a robot arm. I understand that position control ...

control kinematics dynamics  
asked by Karnivaurus 11 votes
answered by Chuck 15 votes

How to rotate covariance?

I am working on an EKF and have a question regarding coordinate frame conversion for covariance matrices. Let's say I get some measurement $(x, y, z, roll, pitch, yaw)$ with corresponding 6x6 ...

asked by automatom 12 votes
answered by ryan0270 9 votes

What is the definition of `rollout' in neural network or OpenAI gym

I'm relatively new to the area. I run into several time the term ``rollout'' in training neural networks. I have been searching for a while but still not sure what it means. For example, the number ...

asked by Ali 5 votes
answered by adamconkey 4 votes

What is the difference between motion planning and trajectory generation?

What are the major differences between motion planning and trajectory generation in robotics? Can the terms be used interchangeably?

asked by Ratan Sadanandan O M 7 votes
answered by Petch Puttichai 2 votes

How can I use the Arduino PID library to drive a robot in a straight line?

I would like to create an Arduino based robot with 2 wheels, quadrature encoders on each wheel, a H-bridge driver chip (or motor controller) and a caster. I want to use the PID library to ensure the ...

arduino pid driver encoding  
asked by Robert 20 votes
answered by Mark Booth 19 votes

How can I send video from my Arduino camera module video to my Android screen?

I'm trying to connect a camera module to my Arduino Mega, connect my Mega to my Android phone (throught BlueTooth or other), and send the live view of the camera to the mobile phone. I saw a video ...

arduino cameras  
asked by mabdrabo 10 votes
answered by mabdrabo 1 vote

How to fuse linear and angular data from sensors?

My team and I are setting up an outdoor robot that has encoders, a commercial-grade IMU, and GPS sensor. The robot has a basic tank drive, so the encoders sufficiently supply ticks from the left and ...

sensors kalman-filter sensor-fusion  
asked by Robz 29 votes
answered by Josh Vander Hook 33 votes
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