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Top new questions this week:

Implementing ESKF

I'm currently struggling with implementing the Multiplicative Kalman Filter or Error State Kalman Filter as described by Landis Markley in Attitude Error Representations for Kalman Filtering. Sadly ...

kalman-filter ekf sensor-fusion filter  
asked by hobbeshunter 2 votes

Is it possible to make a self balancing robot using small or medium scale integrated circuits?

Almost all the information I've seen about self-balancing robots implies the use of an Arduino to implement the control. I'm wondering if it is possible to implement the control using just small or ...

control pid  
asked by MaxWell 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Calculating the efficiency of Mecanum wheels

I'm part of a FIRST Robotics team, and we're looking into using Mecanum wheels for our robot. What are the advantages and disadvantages of using Mecanum wheel versus regular ones? From looking ...

mobile-robot design movement wheel first-robotics  
asked by Michael0x2a 12 votes
answered by embedded.kyle 6 votes

Using C++ to control a drone

I am relatively new to using drones and was wondering if someone more experienced in the topic could lend a hand. I am familiar with C++ and OpenCV, a facial recognition software that has libraries in ...

quadcopter computer-vision artificial-intelligence  
asked by Haroun Ansari 3 votes
answered by Elad Den 3 votes

Track a moving object

If this has already been answered, by all means please point me to it. I am in the process of building a quadcopter which I eventually plan to run autonomously by allowing it to track an object and ...

arduino quadcopter gps  
asked by Marko 7 votes
answered by DaemonMaker 5 votes

Choosing DC motor: max needed torque vs nominal torque

I have just sized the DC motors I want to use (corresponding to my robot and its intended applications - my figures include a 50% uncertainty factor to account for friction in reducers and other ...

motor servomotor brushless-motor  
asked by arennuit 3 votes
answered by Eric 0 votes

Position Control vs Velocity Control vs Torque Control

Please can somebody explain to me the difference between Position Control, Velocity Control, and Torque Control? Specifically, I am thinking in terms of a robot arm. I understand that position control ...

control kinematics dynamics  
asked by Karnivaurus 7 votes
answered by Chuck 13 votes

How to program a three wheel Omni?

I have created a three wheeled omni robot like the diagram below. Now I am unsure of how to program it. I want to use a single joystick so one x and one y value. The values for x and y are between -1 ...

mobile-robot wheeled-robot  
asked by Alex Pelletier 5 votes
answered by Ben 7 votes

What is the difference between motion planning and trajectory generation?

What are the major differences between motion planning and trajectory generation in robotics? Can the terms be used interchangeably?

asked by Ratan Sadanandan O M 6 votes
answered by Petch Puttichai 1 vote
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