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Top new questions this week:

How can I draw a line using rotation of two circles?

I’m building a drawbot with a self imposed constraint that it’s method of motion is just two rotating disks. One holding the paper and one holding the pen. However, the math to calculate the right ...

stepper-motor rotation geometry  
asked by VexedPanda 2 votes
answered by Victor Jaramillo 3 votes

Kalman Filter with multiple inputs

Let's say I have one laser scanner and a radar device, which I should use to measure a distance to a wall (Fig. 1). Both devices are place on the same support, so... they should measure the same ...

kalman-filter input  
asked by Dave 1 vote
answered by xperroni 3 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How to select cameras for a stereo vision system?

I am in the process of building a stereo vision system to be used on a UGV. The system is for a robot that will be used in a competition wherein the robot is teleoperated to find relatively small ...

computer-vision stereo-vision cameras  
asked by DaemonMaker 21 votes
answered by Jakob 11 votes

How to fuse linear and angular data from sensors?

My team and I are setting up an outdoor robot that has encoders, a commercial-grade IMU, and GPS sensor. The robot has a basic tank drive, so the encoders sufficiently supply ticks from the left and ...

sensors kalman-filter sensor-fusion  
asked by Robz 28 votes
answered by Josh Vander Hook 33 votes

What is stall current and free current of motors?

What are the stall and free currents of an electric motor? For example, this Vex motor lists its stall and free currents at the bottom of the page. I think I understand the general idea, but a ...

motor current  
asked by golmschenk 36 votes
answered by Mark Booth 42 votes

Rotation matrix sign convention confusion.

In rotation matrix, Why do we rotate the first and third rotation in the opposite direction of the 2nd rotation, this is confusing. Image is attached with this. In this image we can note that for x ...

inverse-kinematics rotation  
asked by Naseeb Gill 4 votes
answered by JJM Driessen 9 votes

How would i go about learning to code a flight controller?

I'm interested in quadcopters/multi-rotors and want to eventually code my own flight controller ala an APM and/or Pixhawk. I've got a little experience in programming (i.e i know about if/else/else if ...

arduino quadcopter microcontroller multi-rotor  
asked by Kenneth .J 5 votes
answered by jrcatbagan 2 votes

Computing the Jacobian matrix for Inverse Kinematics

When computing the Jacobian matrix for solving an Inverse Kinematic analytically, I read from many places that I could use this formula to create each of the columns of a joint in the Jacobian matrix: ...

inverse-kinematics kinematics  
asked by xenon 19 votes
answered by Daniel Eberts 11 votes

How to calculate Euler Angles from gyroscope output?

I am using a tri-axis accelerometer and tri-axis gyroscope to measure the linear acceleration of a body. I need to get the orientation of the body in euler form in order to rotate the accelerometer ...

accelerometer gyroscope frame  
asked by Sean Moran 4 votes
answered by holmeski 3 votes
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