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Top new questions this week:

Create a Dashboard for ROS2 application

Does anyone knows a tutorial / documentation focused on creating a graphic dashboard (with QT) for ROS2 application? For my scenario, it need to have some buttons for human interface with the robot ...

ros2 rqt qt gui  
user avatar asked by Heron Saba Score of 2
user avatar answered by JRTG Score of 0

Alternative to hardware interface

I am new to ROS2 but I am trying to create an alternative to a hardware interface for my robot. I have a diff drive vehicle. The main ROS program will run on an Ubuntu PC. The controller on the ...

ros navigation hardware-interface  
user avatar asked by Serarguy Score of 1

Gazebo SDF UAV model bug

I am trying to make transwing UAV model to be simulated into Gazebo with ROS2, I used phobos plugin in blender to do such a thing, the Blender version I used is 3.3, I am using gazebo 11, with ros2 ...

gazebo simulation sdf  
user avatar asked by Hasan Shadi Score of 1

How to compile package located outside of docker image using docker-based ROS2

I have used catkin_make in ROS1 to build packages successfully. I am using ROS2 in an image in docker on a raspberry pi zero 2W. To my knowledge I cannot install ROS2 in raspbian OS directly so I am ...

ros2 colcon docker  
user avatar asked by Vince Score of 1
user avatar answered by Bourumir Wyngs Score of 1

ROS2 Humble Rviz not loading STL file

Problem Hi, I've exported a cad model from Soldiworks 2023 to URDF using the plugin from: I've put this STL that generates the geometry into my own package to load ...

ros2 rviz ros-humble stl  
user avatar asked by M1lden Score of 1
user avatar answered by ssarkar Score of 0

ICP Localization algorithm for self-driving car

Suppose I have a point clouds from Lidar (1000 frames), I have a point cloud of the map, where car drives and ground truth labels (x,y,z roll,pitch and yaw). What is the algorithm (pseudocode) of ...

user avatar asked by Daniil Yefimov Score of 1
user avatar answered by Marcus Vinicius Score of 2

Gazebo collision not working as expected. Link penetrating and crossing the object

I'm facing very weird problem with gazebo the robot link cross the object even though its collision and inertial properties are proper generated from Solidwork CAD Software . Why link is penetrates ...

gazebo ros2 gazebo-11  
user avatar asked by Hrithik Verma Score of 1
user avatar answered by JRTG Score of 0

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Odometry vs Dead-reckoning

In terms of robotics, what are the differences between odometry and dead-reckoning? I read that odometry uses wheel sensors to estimate position, and dead-reckoning also uses wheel sensors, but "...

odometry deduced-reckoning  
user avatar asked by John Score of 12
user avatar answered by Andy Score of 18

Is configuration space same as joint space?

For robotic manipulator like the one on the picture: are the configuration space and joint space equivalent? I am trying to understand difference between the two...

kinematics motion-planning forward-kinematics  
user avatar asked by Slaven Glumac Score of 8
user avatar answered by Slaven Glumac Score of 8

What is the torque/force required to rotate the base of a robot arm?

Take a look at the following simple example robot arm: I want to know the torque required on that bottom motor to rotate the arm. Since it's not exactly rotating directly against gravity like the ...

motor robotic-arm torque force rotation  
user avatar asked by JDS Score of 2
user avatar answered by Christo Score of 4

How do the PID parameters (Kp, Ki, and Kd) affect the heading of a differential driving robot when they are increased individually?

Question: A PID controller has three parameters Kp, Ki and Kd which could affect the output performance. A differential driving robot is controlled by a PID controller. The heading information is ...

pid wheeled-robot differential-drive  
user avatar asked by Dan Score of 5
user avatar answered by Andy Score of 12

How can I send video from my Arduino camera module video to my Android screen?

I'm trying to connect a camera module to my Arduino Mega, connect my Mega to my Android phone (throught BlueTooth or other), and send the live view of the camera to the mobile phone. I saw a video ...

arduino cameras  
user avatar asked by mabdrabo Score of 10
user avatar answered by mabdrabo Score of 1

What is the definition of `rollout' in neural network or OpenAI gym

I'm relatively new to the area. I run into several time the term ``rollout'' in training neural networks. I have been searching for a while but still not sure what it means. For example, the number ...

user avatar asked by Ali Score of 8
user avatar answered by adamconkey Score of 7

ROS: catkin_make vs. catkin build

When using ROS: Why should I use catkin build from catkin_tools instead of catkin_make? I've been told that ...

user avatar asked by SKA Score of 22
user avatar answered by bergercookie Score of 21

Can you answer these questions?

Conversion from body frame to NED frame

I have following Python code: ...

slam gps frame coordinate-system  
user avatar asked by RajS Score of 1

Structure ROS workspace when there is multiple versions of a package

I’m working on POC ROS2 project to understand the basic concepts and see what is feasible. An important metric is that I want to be able to version my packages, especially my ROS interfaces. I realize ...

ros2 package.xml  
user avatar asked by polarissunshine Score of 1

ros1_bridge build error in windows

I'm trying to build ros1_bridge package in windows 11 My step is 1.Create folder name ros1_bridge_ws/src 2.Download from foxy ...

ros-noetic rosbridge windows ros-foxy  
user avatar asked by Dandog Score of 1
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