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How to use a PID controller for different kinematics robots

I implement different drive odometry for a robot. Trying to implement (proportional–integral–derivative controller) PID-based coordinate movements x, y, theta: ...

pid odometry  
asked by gleb Score of 1
answered by kucar Score of 0

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What is stall current and free current of motors?

What are the stall and free currents of an electric motor? For example, this Vex motor lists its stall and free currents at the bottom of the page. I think I understand the general idea, but a ...

motor current  
asked by golmschenk Score of 40
answered by Mark Booth Score of 46

Using an Xbox controller to fly a Quadrocopter

So I have a quadrocopter, it does come with a remote but I intend to run certain modifications to the copter, like installing a camera, a mechanical manipulator, and other random modifications. The ...

asked by Chandough Score of 8
answered by DaemonMaker Score of 10

What's the difference between a holonomic and a nonholonomic system?

I was wondering if a 1D point mass (a mass which can only move on a line, accelerated by an external time-varying force, see Wikipedia - Double integrator) is a holonomic or a nonholonomic system? Why?...

dynamics movement  
asked by user137589 Score of 10
answered by SteveO Score of 13

How is a brushless gimbal motor different from a regular brushless motor?

How are the brushless motors in a gimbal assembly designed? Obviously it doesn't need continual rotation, but it does need accurate control of precise position. I've noticed that the motors in my ...

asked by Octopus Score of 14
answered by RACKGNOME Score of 10

Absolute positioning without GPS

Using an IMU a robot can estimate its current position relative to its starting position, but this incurs error over time. GPS is especially useful for providing position information not biased by ...

localization gps sensors slam  
asked by Robz Score of 25
answered by ronalchn Score of 21

What information an IMU gives to a drone?

An Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) is an important sensor used in aerial robotics. A typical IMU will contain an accelerometer and a rate gyroscope. Which of the following information does a robot get ...

asked by Revolucion for Monica Score of 2
answered by Andy Score of 7

How do I calculate the required loop frequency for a servo controller?

I have a motor which drives a string connected to a load cell. I would like to implement a closed loop controller to control the load applied by the motor to the string. How do I go about determining ...

control motor force  
asked by Rocketmagnet Score of 11
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