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How to fuse IMU with encoders in EKF

Background I have a car-like mobile robot (4 wheels, where the forward ones are steering wheels) and I want to estimate its pose and velocity assuming 2D planar motion. I'm trying to solve this ...

mobile-robot sensors kalman-filter imu sensor-fusion  
user avatar asked by Andrea Eusebi Score of 2

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What's the difference between feedback and feedforward control?

I'm reading from Astrom & Murray (2008)'s Feedback Systems: An introduction for scientists and engineers about the difference between feedback and feedforward. The book states: Feedback is ...

user avatar asked by Paul Score of 8
user avatar answered by hauptmech Score of 13

Position Control vs Velocity Control vs Torque Control

Please can somebody explain to me the difference between Position Control, Velocity Control, and Torque Control? Specifically, I am thinking in terms of a robot arm. I understand that position control ...

control kinematics dynamics  
user avatar asked by Karnivaurus Score of 13
user avatar answered by Mark Booth Score of 17

How is a brushless gimbal motor different from a regular brushless motor?

How are the brushless motors in a gimbal assembly designed? Obviously it doesn't need continual rotation, but it does need accurate control of precise position. I've noticed that the motors in my ...

user avatar asked by Octopus Score of 15
user avatar answered by RACKGNOME Score of 10

Inverse kinematics Calculation for 3dof robotic arm

I am doing a project, to draw images provided using robotic arm. Initially edge detection is done on image to be drawn and coordinate value is obtained as (x,y). How to calculate 3 joint angles ...

user avatar asked by Question Score of 2
user avatar answered by 50k4 Score of 2

How to calculate Euler Angles from gyroscope output?

I am using a tri-axis accelerometer and tri-axis gyroscope to measure the linear acceleration of a body. I need to get the orientation of the body in euler form in order to rotate the accelerometer ...

accelerometer gyroscope frame  
user avatar asked by Sean Moran Score of 5
user avatar answered by Zachary Schroeder Score of 3

What is the difference between path planning and motion planning?

What are the main differences between motion planning and path planning? Imagine that the objective of the algorithm is to find a path between the humanoid soccer playing robot and the ball which ...

mobile-robot motion-planning humanoid  
user avatar asked by Pooya Sagharchi Score of 19
user avatar answered by Bending Unit 22 Score of 28

What do the commutation waveforms look like for a brushless motor?

I have seen waveforms for driving a brushless motor. I guess this is the waveform used for the simpler block commutation. But if I want to do sinusoidal waveforms, what does the PWM signal look like ...

brushless-motor pwm  
user avatar asked by Rocketmagnet Score of 12
user avatar answered by embedded.kyle Score of 12
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