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Getting the value of LaunchArgument inside python Launch file

I've came across an interesting issue. Is it possible to get the value of the LaunchArgument inside the python launch file? Take the following scenario: ...

ros2 python launch-file ros2-launch  
user avatar asked by Stanislav Svědiroh Score of 1
user avatar answered by Stanislav Svědiroh Score of 0

How to use int or double as input to "arg" in ROS launch file

I am trying to use the following as input values to an arg command in my roslaunch file as follows: ...

roslaunch rosparam xml syntax  
user avatar asked by hunterlineage Score of 1
user avatar answered by ravi Score of 2

How can you start gazebo with a non-0 simulated clock time?

Similar to this question: When gazebo starts up it starts its clock at 0, which can cause problems with code ...

ros gazebo  
user avatar asked by Luis Score of 1
user avatar answered by shonigmann Score of 0

Arduino IDE micro-ros two subscriber in Arduino due issue

I’m recently started working with micro-ros and also tested the publisher and subscriber with Arduino Due, but I want to add multi subscriber in my Arduino code (at-least two). but it’s not working ...

ros2 arduino subscribe  
user avatar asked by Sourabh Tiwari Score of 1
user avatar answered by Stanislav Svědiroh Score of 0

High frequency robot-localization output when fusing GNSS + IMU

I'm in the process of tuning a robot-localization package parameters in my sensor-fusion ROS2 package. I have a dataset from various sensors mounted on a vehicle (IMU, GNSS, Lidar, Rgb Cameras, Radar, ...

ros2 imu localization robot-localization gnss  
user avatar asked by Stanislav Svědiroh Score of 1

Local Planner Not Extending Beyond Robot's Footprint Boundaries to Distort Global Planner's Path

I've been facing an issue with the local planner in my ROS2 navigation setup. The core of the problem seems to be that the local planner does not extend sufficiently outside the robot's footprint ...

base-local-planner teb-local-planner global-planner nav2 footprint  
user avatar asked by Marcus Vinicius Leal De Carval Score of 1
user avatar answered by Marcus Vinicius Leal De Carval Score of 1

How to detect transparent objects (glass, plastic, etc.) with LiDAR (or what sensors can)?

I am wanting to create a robot that can pick up trash. I am planning on taking a picture of the trash, using an ai i've trained to detect the trash, using opencv to find the contour of the trash, and ...

sensors lidar  
user avatar asked by eop3 Score of 1
user avatar answered by billy Score of 0

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What's the difference between feedback and feedforward control?

I'm reading from Astrom & Murray (2008)'s Feedback Systems: An introduction for scientists and engineers about the difference between feedback and feedforward. The book states: Feedback is ...

user avatar asked by Paul Score of 8
user avatar answered by hauptmech Score of 13

How do I work out the specifications of motors and propellers for a quadcopter?

What will be the specifications of motors and propellers that can approx produce a thrust of 100kg in a quadcopter? We are planning to lift a total weight of 50 Kg along with the 20 Kg weight of the ...

user avatar asked by Akshay Patil Score of 8
user avatar answered by Mark Omo Score of 1

Rotation matrix sign convention confusion.

In rotation matrix, Why do we rotate the first and third rotation in the opposite direction of the 2nd rotation, this is confusing. Image is attached with this. In this image we can note that for x ...

inverse-kinematics rotation  
user avatar asked by Naseeb Gill Score of 6
user avatar answered by JJM Driessen Score of 11

How to estimate yaw angle from tri-axis accelerometer and gyroscope

I would like to estimate the yaw angle from accelerometer and gyroscope data. For roll and pitch estimate I've used the following trigonometric equations: ...

sensors quadcopter kalman-filter imu accelerometer  
user avatar asked by UserK Score of 7
user avatar answered by Ian Score of 5

Maximum Distance using Ultrasonic sensor Arduino

What is the maximum distance (of say , a car ) you could measure using an ultrasonic sensor that would be compatible with arduino? Is there any sensor(ultrasonic or not) that could measure the ...

arduino ultrasonic-sensors  
user avatar asked by Ahmed A.M Score of 1
user avatar answered by kaliatech Score of 3

Denavit Hartenberg parameters - 3DOF articulated manipulator

I am trying to solve a forward kynematics problem for a 3DOF manipulator. I am working with the Robotics Toolbox for MatLab created by Peter Corke and after calculte the DH parameters and introduce ...

robotic-arm inverse-kinematics forward-kinematics dh-parameters robotics-toolbox  
user avatar asked by osuarez Score of 1
user avatar answered by Peter Corke Score of 4

Particle filters: How to do resampling?

I understand the basic principle of a particle filter and tried to implement one. However, I got hung up on the resampling part. Theoretically speaking, it is quite simple: From the old (and ...

localization particle-filter  
user avatar asked by Daniel Eberts Score of 28
user avatar answered by DaemonMaker Score of 22
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