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Top new questions this week:

Do mobile robots use variable transmissions?

I've built a simple robot that can move. I'm using brushless motors. I've realized that at slow speeds the motors pull a lot of current. I didn't understand the power / current / efficiency charts ...

mobile-robot brushless-motor  
asked by mrtidy 3 votes
answered by Ben 2 votes

Roomba iRobot Create 2 Open Interface, is there a way to turn off vacuum motor while the robot is docking?

I am able to control every desired aspect of my robot, except for vacuum motor which seems to be turned on for some reason every time I send Seek Dock (code 143) command. Is there a way to turn it ...

asked by morisil 2 votes

Plotting a Robot in App Designer

I've a robot created with Peter Corke toolbox and I must plot it inside an app (must be in App Designer - Matlab). The problem is that everytime I try to plot it, it makes an independent figure ...

inverse-kinematics matlab robotics-toolbox  
asked by Santiago Buitrago Hernandez 1 vote
answered by 50k4 0 votes

Degree of maneuverability mobile robot

According to the traditional kinematic theory for mobile robots [1][2] a mobile robot with a steerable wheel and two passive casters presents a $\delta_m=2,\delta_s=1,\delta_M=3$. This is easy to ...

mobile-robot kinematics  
asked by elToro 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How do I calculate the required loop frequency for a servo controller?

I have a motor which drives a string connected to a load cell. I would like to implement a closed loop controller to control the load applied by the motor to the string. How do I go about ...

control motor force  
asked by Rocketmagnet 11 votes
answered by embedded.kyle 4 votes

How to setup CLion for ROS?

How can I setup the C++ IDE CLion to display documentation and auto completion correctly when working with ROS?

ros c++  
asked by Jarno 13 votes
answered by Martin Pecka 11 votes

Using C++ to control a drone

I am relatively new to using drones and was wondering if someone more experienced in the topic could lend a hand. I am familiar with C++ and OpenCV, a facial recognition software that has libraries in ...

quadcopter computer-vision artificial-intelligence  
asked by Haroun Ansari 3 votes
answered by Elad Den 3 votes

How to program a three wheel Omni?

I have created a three wheeled omni robot like the diagram below. Now I am unsure of how to program it. I want to use a single joystick so one x and one y value. The values for x and y are between -1 ...

mobile-robot wheeled-robot  
asked by Alex Pelletier 5 votes
answered by Ben 7 votes

What are the signs that a servo might be broken?

I just got a kit and im not sure if its me or not but it appears one of the continuous servos might be broken. What happened first when I plugged it into the microcontroller, it made a humming sound ...

arduino microcontroller otherservos wheeled-robot  
asked by Ess Kay 10 votes
answered by abey 4 votes

How to choose the right propeller/motor combination for a quadcopter?

There are many sites which explain briefly this problem and even propose combinations. I however would like a much more detailed explanation. What is going to give my quad the most agility? Do I need ...

asked by klonq 42 votes
answered by user65 31 votes

Robotic part to dispense candy

I'm a complete newbie trying to build a simple robot that dispenses candy (M&M, skittles, etc). However, since I'm not familiar with the field, I'm having a hard time googling because I don't ...

asked by Marcos Savoury 7 votes
answered by Diego C Nascimento 7 votes
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